Mamado' - Natural Jojoba Oil

Mamado' - Natural Jojoba Oil


Mamado' - Natural Jojoba Oil

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  • Mamado 100% pure Jojoba oil is blended with sweet Almond Oil and is derived from the seed of the Jojoba (simmondsia Chinensis) shurb and is one of the most popular cosmetic oils available today.
  • Its high stability and cosmetic versatility makes it ideal for all skin and hair types and it is most commonly used to help promote softer hair and skin.

How to use:

 Warm the oil up beforehand so it’s easier to apply.  Use about 1 tbsp. For short hair and 2 tbsp. For longer hair. Apply to hair above the scalp, and work down evenly to hair tips. Leave in for about 20 minutes, and then shampoo, condition, and rinse.

Avoid direct application to scalp to steer clear of clogged scalp pores. If applying for dry scalp or dandruff, add very little directly to skin (about 1–2 drops).

 Add to products. Drop a few drops of jojoba oil (about 3–5 drops) to a dollop of your favorite shampoo or conditioner before use.


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