Murray & Lanman

Murray and Lanman Florida Water Cologne / 7.5 oz

Murray and Lanman Florida Water Cologne / 7.5 oz

Murray & Lanman

Murray and Lanman Florida Water Cologne / 7.5 oz

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  • For more than a century MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER has been famous throughout the world - not for one purpose alone, but for a score of everyday needs.
  • Moderately priced itself, MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER saves you the cost of many more expensive preparations.
  • Read the suggestions below...and note how useful and economical MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER can be.
  • Added to the Bath or wash-basin, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water is delightfully refreshing and leaves the skin delicately fragrant.
  • After the Shower it provides an exhilarating rubdown, giving a delightful glow to the skin, toning muscles and nerves.


How to use:

After make-up removal, apply Florida water for a smooth skin. When you have a cold, apply to a tissue and inhale the fragrance to decrease your headaches. Use Florida water in a spraying bottle to eliminate odors from your kitchen and bathroom. Florida water also freshens and cools humid environments. Use a few drops of Florida water in your dresser drawer to give your clothes a pleasing and fresh aroma. Run Florida water in a piece of cotton through your scalp to fight itchiness and prevent dandruff. Splash Florida water on your body to relax your muscles after exercise or aerobic routines. Apply compresses with Florida water to your forehead and abdomen to alleviate fever symptoms. Use Florida water to soften your beard. Florida water allows for a smooth shave while reducing skin irritation.


SD Alcohol 39 , Water , Fragrances , FD&C Blue Color #1 , FD&C Yellow Color #5

Tags: Bath & Body
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