Scurl - Texturizer Wave & Curl Créme Regular Strength / 15 oz.

Scurl - Texturizer Wave & Curl Créme Regular Strength / 15 oz.


Scurl - Texturizer Wave & Curl Créme Regular Strength / 15 oz.

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S-Curl creme is a texturizing relaxer. S Curl Texturizer works by expanding the natural curl or wave already present in your hair.

DIRECTIONS: Do not shampoo hair before applying S Curl Wave and Curl Creme.

  • 1) Apply Lusters Creme over entire head using back of large tooth comb.
  • 2) Comb the S Curl Creme gently through until an S wave pattern appears. For best results concentrate combing first in the most resistant area (usually the back and around the hairline) then through the rest of the head.

NOTE: If hair is particularly fine or thin do not straighten completely leave a slight S wave formation in hair.

  • 3) Rinse the S Curl Creme thoroughly from the hair with water as warm as the patron can stand.
  • 4) Then shampoo hair at least twice with a conditioning neutralizing shampoo which is designed to neutralize the softening action of the S Curl creme as well as condition the hair. Rinse lather away thoroughly with warm water. Towel blot to eliminate excess moisture.
  • 5) Spray a small amount of Lusters S Curl NO DRIP Activator and Moisturizer on the scalp and gently massage through hair.
  • Style as desired.
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